Glimpses of Hanoi so far

So after being landed in the old quarter of Hanoi where to simply step out of the hotel calls for an immediate moped dodge, I think I’m finally beginning to appreciate this crazy, busy city.

Initially there’s a fear factor which I’d told myself I was expecting ‘yeah the culture shock’ll be bad, but i’ll get over it’. When you’re experiencing it though, you don’t feel like you’ll ever get used to it, no chance. I put it down to a number of reasons.

Usually when you leave your comfort zone, you do so in one or perhaps a few areas of life. So you may move to a new place, but still have your old job and possibly still be in the same country. I realised that in a day I changed my food, drink, water, climate, temperature, time zone, culture, work, social environment, exposure to overwhelming smells, traffic and noise. Not to mention moving from the countryside to the busiest city I’ve ever been to.

That all being said there’s a buzz to the city which is exciting and new, so now that initial shock phase has subsided I’m looking forward to beginning my teaching and absorbing the historical profusion that this beehive of a city, in this intriguing country, has to offer.




So, the post-celta, pre-teaching period has begun and after a fair bit of thought, I’ve decided to try and get a job in Vietnam.

Vietnam was the original plan, but I chopped and changed between different countries, and continents. Looks like Hanoi will be the first stop now though, fingers crossed!

Can’t wait to start teaching properly, and after getting my Pass B CELTA grade, feeling suitably optimistic.